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Network Automation and Compliance (NetMRI)


Decommissioning a device in NetMRI

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Hey folks,


Is there any way to mark a device as "decommissioned" in NetMRI, which will retain it within the database, but not actively manage the device? What if we replace a device but still use the same IP address? Any way to retain that other device within NetMRI?


I ask because I would like to easily run a report (including hardware serial numbers) on any devices that were decommissioned throughout the year, so that I can reconcile year end support contracts. 


I think the answer is no, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. 




Re: Decommissioning a device in NetMRI

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What we did is we created a device group called decom and we created a custom data field called decom. The device group we removed all polling and scanning of those devices, no backups are taken and no alerts are generated and filter of the device group is Decom=Yes.

On each device that we decom we add the custom data field Decom = Yes

Re: Decommissioning a device in NetMRI

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That's a nice solution, thanks for the reply. 


I take it that you don't reuse the IP addresses for the devices then? I could see your plan working until a device IP address is reused. If reusing an IP address, I think the new device will overwrite any details of the decommissioned device including the serial number of the device. That's what we are looking to save. 


I think we will have to end up exporting the inventory data from NetMRI into another asset management database so we can key off of a different identifier than IP address. 



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