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Hey Mark, If it will help, I have s small Perl script that I wrote months ago t...
Ingmar, Thank you for the reply. I spent some time this morning solving the pro...
Lon, I'm trying to get the exact same import to work, and while it doesn't kick...
I have used external CGI scripts for this function. It pulls the template, then...
Hello Mark, I recommend you to check that the audit logs are sent to the reporting. You can configure it in Grid > Grid Manager > Reporting > Edit (pencil icon) > General > Report category > Audit Log. Regards Nicolas
For this section: <!-- In the context of ConfigBlockCheck, the ConfigFileChe...
It probably does an ordering based on the ASCII when used on strings (so alphabetical but upper case before all lowercase). But I haven’t tested that to be sure.
I'll be uploading them over the next day, so keep an eye out for new threads in the Bloxfest forum with the attached slides. Best, Eric
Maybe something like \w+(-\w+)?\d+(([\/:]\d+)+(\.\d+)?)? would work? In Human, ...

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