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is it possible to take backup of F5 (LTM and GTM) UCS into NetMRI..?

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We have around 70+ F5 devices (includes applicance and VE). We observed that NetMRI is only able to take backup of full configuration but actually UCS backup should happen which is not happening for all F5 devices and the same backup is required to restore the f5 device if something wrong happens.



We would to know how UCS backup can be done in NetMRI ..? or Do you have any other alternative method to take UCS backup apart from backup happens through BIGIQ and BIGIP Enterprise ..?



Re: is it possible to take backup of F5 (LTM and GTM) UCS into NetMRI..?

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As of NetMRI 7.3.2 we will gather the config on F5 devices with "show running-config recursive"


While I understand this is not the full UCS backup it is also important to capture that NetMRI is intended as a configuration management platform and we have not ideal perfect way to deal with binary backup files.


A possible automated approach to this problem would be to leverage an automation task which performs the UCS backup commands and point the resulting file to a fileserver in your network.


An alternative in case you do want NetMRI to hold these files is to leverage scp from your F5 to the NetMRI subsystem which could serve to some extent to store these files. 

Re: is it possible to take backup of F5 (LTM and GTM) UCS into NetMRI..?

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Can you post the process it will need to do in order to back up the additional configs?



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