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Adding HA Pair to Grid

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Hello there, first time posting here and couldn't find a discussion that matched my particular question.  With regards to adding a new HA pair to an existing Grid, is it best practice to configure the pair to match the HA pair config on the GM before joining Grid or, should they be joined as "blank slates" essentially? Meaning, standalone and no configuration with regards to HA or any of the interfaces.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Adding HA Pair to Grid

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So are you adding a HA Pair to the Grid, and/or are you wanting to turn a GridMaster/Member into a HA pair?


If you are adding an an appliance to an exiting member to make it a HA pair, you just need to configure the HA addresses in the GM, then join the new appliance.   The new appliance needs at least Grid/NIOS licenses, and the LAN1 address configured.   If you are doing OOB (Out-Of-Band) management, you also need to configure the MGMT address, and define it for VPN connectivity so you can join via that interface.


You will need 5 addresses, 2xLAN1, 2xHA, and the VIP.   For OOB add 2 MGMT addresses.


For a new HA Pair, configure them in the GridMaster, and add one at a time, they'll sort themselves out.  They just needed licenses, and their LAN1 addresses (and MGMT if you are doing OOB)


Hope this helps


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