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Appliance Reset Without login?

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Any option to reset an appliance without CLI login ?


Have a number of old appliances removed and looking for an option to factory reset the data before disposing.  As they are remote across many sites & countries, will be slower if each needs powering on and connecting to a remote console appliance to allow a super-user to login and issue reset all.


Not sure any magic "boot-up and hold three buttons" trick from the LCD panel or secret pin-hole to reset externally :-)

Re: Appliance Reset Without login?

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In looking at the NIOS admin guide, any reset of database or everything must be done via the CLI.  Sorry.



Re: Appliance Reset Without login?

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What about reset at boot before it loads NIOS?


It would be helpful if there was a way to completely wipe a distantly off-site appliance so it can go into a partner's recycling stream...does the CLI-mode reset actually wipe the database?


Ideally it would be good if we could do a hard wipe of the hard drive.

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