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Authoritative Forward Zone doesn't work

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Requirement: I want Infoblox to resolve domain company.corp dns names by forwarding queries to actual Internal microsoft dns servers.

I have created a DNS authoritative forward zone for an internal domain (company.corp). I have only one DNS view on my infoblox appliance. When i go directly to the company.corp DNS servers, it works. It fails when trying to resolve a dns name from company.corp domain against the Infoblox. I read through some documentation and nothing worked for me. 




Data management -> DNS - Zones -> Add authoritative Zone -> Add authoritative forward zone

Under name servers, added a Grid Primary(infoblox-self) and 2 Ext secondary servers (DNS servers for company.corp)




*** infoblox.localdomain can't find Non-existent domain


Looking for some help here!




Re: Authoritative Forward Zone doesn't work

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Forwarding requires recursion. Is that enabled (and allowed)? If so, it would be helpful to run a Traffic Capture on the server while testing these queries so that you can review what the server is attempting to do when resolving these queries. The Traffic Capture plus the DNS configuration file will be required to troubleshoot this beyond that.




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