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Change Public IP on Authoritative DNS Server

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Please advise about changing the public ip on Authoritative dns Server. 

if -  is the current  need to change to own public ip

we can see and A record and and ns record on all the zones.

do we need to change ip on ns record for all zones and  A record also .

any other config needs to change  






Re: Change Public IP on Authoritative DNS Server

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You didn't specify where you are making these changes, I'll give you some broad items to think about:


  1. Registrar Update: these are public-facing records, so you need to update the NS and glue records on your registrar (GoDaddy or some similar company).
  2. Authoritative DNS Servers re-addressing: change the IP address(es) on your DNS members, and NIOS (I assume you are running NIOS) will automatically update all cooresonding records on the Grid.
  3. Timing: this is perhaps the most cruicial item. If you performed item #1 and #2 with the wrong timing, you may end up leaving some users stranded (trying to reach the new IP address that is not working yet, or stuck trying to reach the decomissioned old address).

What you are trying to do requires careful planning to avoid a public DNS outage. If you have active support with Infoblox, open a ticket and ask for advice that's specific to your environment; you may also want to engage Infoblox Professional Services, who will plan and execute the details for you.

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