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Configure external syslog server via fqdn

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I am quite new to Infoblox world, but we are currently setting up our first appliance.


We want to send syslog to an external syslog server and wonder why we are forced to use the IP adress of the external syslog server?


Does anybody know why one can only enter a valid ip adress but not the fqdn of the external syslog server?


For us it would be quite necessary to use the fqdn because of the load balancing.


Is there a workaround for this issue?


Thanks for your help and kind regards.


Re: Configure external syslog server via fqdn

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Hello there,


The current design of specifying Syslog Servers in Infoblox supports the usage of IP Address only. To the best of m knowledge, there is no workaround to use FQDN instead of IP Address as the field does not support it.


However, there is currently a feature enhancement request to have the ability to configure external syslog server using FQDN rather than it being restricted to just IP Address. You can reach out to Infoblox Support / Infoblox Account Team to be added to the requestor list and have it prioritized if required.




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