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Creating a zone with the primary being "External"

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How can that be. I mean in this case if I have to add the zone on a DNS server external to the grid, then what is the point adding the zone in the grid's GUI anyway?





Re: Creating a zone with the primary being "External"

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Hello Wasfi,


You don’t get the point there. You add a zone to Infoblox with external primary so that it could receive data via zone transfer from that specific external primary. For this, you’ll also have to add a ‘grid secondary’ – without adding one, the configuration wouldn’t be successful or shall refuse to accept it. Once you do this, check out the named.conf file from Data management -> DNS -> Members -> Select the DNS server -> ‘View’ from the toolbar & you’ll see a statement for the zone added as ‘Type slave’. Thus, you’re making Infoblox to be authoritative for that zone without giving privileges to modify the data. For additional information, please read through the NIOS administrator guide.


Best regards.

Re: Creating a zone with the primary being "External"

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Thank you Mohammed.

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