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Default ssh setting for new appliance

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Can someone jog my memory please... with a brand new physical appliance out of the box, once it's on the network with the correct IP (but not joined to a grid) can I ssh to it or do I first have to enable remote console through the serial port or GUI?


Admin guide says ssh is disabled by default, but I would imagine that's once it's joined a grid, else makes it a little hard to join the grid if you can't get onto it via the UI nor serial port.


We are trying to join it to the grid but can't reach it via the UI (I think there might be a firewall or IPS blocking http/https). We can't reach it via ssh either but unsure if it's because ssh is disabled or whether there is a firewall/IPS  blocking us.






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Re: Default ssh setting for new appliance

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Virtual appliances in AWS and Azure will have this enabled by default. For all other types of appliances, SSH is NOT enabled by default. This is done because some administrators will consider SSH being enabled by default to be a security risk.


If you have enabled Remote Console Access in your Grid settings, any appliances joined to the Grid will pick up that option unless its disabled at the Grid member level.


For physical appliances, you can connect to the serial console port using a null modem cable and details regarding this are documented in the installation guide. If you need assistance with finding a cable, reach out to your Infoblox account representative and they should be able to help you get pointed in the right direction.


Note: HTTP will not work until HTTP redirect is enabled. HTTPS should work in newer versions, but there are (older) versions where the licenses must be installed first before it will work.




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