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Deleting DHCP Networks while not active

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We are currently migrating our DHCP server to infoblox from a Linux server. We currently have some ranges in our DHCP networks that are not being used. Is it safe to delete those before using the import wizard? Furthermore, deleting those ranges from the DHCP will affect the IPAM at all? 

Re: Deleting DHCP Networks while not active

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I see you posted this a week ago, what did you decide to do in the end?


For sure it makes sense to delete anything from the import data that you don't need, no point importing redundant information. It's always good to make sure the data you import is as clean as possible else it can cause problems during the import.

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Re: Deleting DHCP Networks while not active

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This is ultimately what we did. We do not have a lot of Infoblox experience so I always try to cover my bases before doing something. 

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