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DHCP server Authoritative

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we recently migrated from microsoft to infoblox DHCP. The Infoblox DHCP server is not authoritive. I noticed in the logs, clients with issues when moving between to different subnets, infoblox ignores and doesn't send nack.


I want to enable authoritave DHCP. Should I test on a few subnets, or turn on globally? I dont know the impact, or what to expect. Want to follow a safe controlled path. 

Any suggestions.



Re: DHCP server Authoritative

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there should be no impact. and usually the reason i enable authoritative DHCP when deploying dhcp servers is to let infoblox send DHCPNAK to client when they request invalid IP.




Re: DHCP server Authoritative

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If you've migrated from Microsoft to Infoblox, and the MS servers are no longer being used, then you need to make Infoblox authoritative. I'd turn it on ASAP before you start having serious problems.

Paul Roberts
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