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DNS Migration from MS to Infoblox

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Hi Experts, 


I am working on building a migration plan from MS DNS to Infoblox at my organization.


In our current setup ,we have MS DNS servers running AD integrated zones.

How can I migrate data over to IB without disrupting production?

The initial response from IB representative was to make MS DNS as a forwarder to IB.I am looking into that design but have a few questions: 


1) Do we delete the AD integrated zone (zone A for e.g.) from the  MS DNS server and configure a conditional forwarder for it on MS DNS server to forward to IB which is now primary ?( considering we have created an authoritative zone A on IB and imported zone data into it using DIW and have configured it to receive updates from the domain controller etc.)


2) How exactly is the forwarder configured? Do I need configure a conditional forwarder for zone A on each of my existing MS DNS server ? ( There are 100s in our environment)


3) Do we need to make this change for zone A in all the DNS servers at once (same moment) to prevent them to have stale copies to the DNS database?


4) From what I gather ALL the below actions need to be completed at the same moment:


- Configure Domain Controller DNS to point to the new IB appliance ( fully configured)

- Configure conditional forwarder on ALL MS DNS servers to forward to IB for zone A.

- Update ALL DHCP servers in your environment to send DDNS udpdates to the new IB appliance.


With multiple DNS servers running AD integrated zones (and multipleDHCP servers), I need to understand how to go about planning this change.




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