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DogLikesBest @kirtiwadehra wrote: Hi, I have the below 2 queries: 1) We are run...
Hi, please check my youtube link below, i already documented my migration step by step. hope it can give you some perspective. thanks
member dns properties Here is a sample screenshot Edit: I dont see the image, not sure if broken- hope it works for you
Hi, We are migrating from MS to Infoblox. We use WINS DHCP scope options (044 and 046) in our environment, can they be ported as is when we migrate the scopes to Infoblox? Does Infoblox support WINS? Regards, Kirti
Hi, We are migrating from MS enviroment to Infoblox for DHCP. Is there a way to migrate the lease database from MS to Infoblox? Regards, Kirti
@kirtiwadehra wrote: Hi, We are planning to move to Infoblox platform for DNS a...
Hi Experts, I am working on building a migration plan from MS DNS to Infoblox a...