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DDNS from MS clients

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We are testing migration from MS to Infoblox.



- Infoblox running DNS ( imported a copy of the DNS database from MS)

- Domain controller/ DNS server ( running secondary DNS getting zone transfer from Infoblox)

- Test Server (configured with a static IP address, DNS settings pointing to the domain controller)


Scenario: The test server needs to send a dynamic DNS update into Infoblox DNS.


I know in this case the test server will query its DNS server ( the DC in this case) to get the SOA information ( which will be Infoblox) and will try to update DNS on Infoblox.


Ques: Do we need to whitelist the IP address of the test server on Infoblox in the named ACL in the 'Updates' section (we have whitelisted the Domain controller IP in the ACL already)?


Ques: There are many such servers in the environment, do we need to whitelist each?


Ques: If we do it via the named ACL,where would that be applied? To the forward and reverse zones? or to the grid?







low,Re: DDNS from MS clients

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please check my youtube link below, i already documented my migration step by step.


hope it can give you some perspective.






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