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DNS Traffic Control Warning Issue

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Hello team, I got a question about DTC health check.


I found that there are several erros and warnings in DNS Traffic Control tab.


For erros,

I think there are erros occured because the IP addresses which are monitored are not used now.


My question is about warining status,

I found that there are some ip addresses are wanred.

I tracked down the problem and I found that it is available to use ICMP is working in pool monitor, but http is not working.


What is the problem for this? Can anyone give me the solution?

Re: DNS Traffic Control Warning Issue

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Hi Iawplant,

Thank you for your DTC Warning Issue inquiry. Our Product and technical teams need more information to help you resolve your question. Please contact Support and submit a ticket for the fastest resolution to your DTC warning issue. Thank you.

Best regards,

Bob Rose
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Infoblox NIOS DDI & Value-Added Services
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Re: DNS Traffic Control Warning Issue

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Thank you for your replying!

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