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DTC host-headers and multiple sites on a single server

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So I have a handful of servers in a pool that host many websites.  Each website is configured to expect a hostheader so connections to go a specific site.  When setting up DTC, I can add the servers to a pool, but when configuring a health check I can only specify a GET.  Most load balancer allow you to specify a DNS or URL so that a destination web server and get the traffic to the correct site.  Thse are sites that don't have URIs.  In this case, I have been unable to find a way to specify a DNS or CNAME that would be passed along with the health check.  Because I can't do this, the website returns nothihng back to the appliance (as it should as a site without a hostheader woud cause the server to not know which website to route the request to.


Does DTC only examine the server as a whole or can you monitor a specific website on a server?  I can see where you would want to leave a server up and running if a single website on a server of 100 website has issues (hacked or whatever).


Please help!

Re: DTC host-headers and multiple sites on a single server

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Hello Scott,


I'm posting a reply based on what i understood from your initial post. Please elaborate the use-case(with examples may be), in case if this isn't what you're asking for.


You can specify a Host to be monitored during the HTTP health check. To customize the health monitor, I recommend creating a new HTTP monitor from Data Management -> DNS -> Traffic control -> Select 'Manage Health Monitors' from toolbar -> Select '+' & select HTTP & from there fill up the required fields. Before you save, you'd get the box to put in HTTP request. You can specify a host to be monitored as(example) :

Example 1:
GET / HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
Example 2: GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 Host: Note that the lines are terminated with two chars

For more details, please go through section, "Editing HTTP Request for HTTP Health Monitor" from NIOS administrator guide. Note that Infoblox also supports health checks at the Server level, which means you can specify health checks at Server level & the server won't be considered up unless the health check at Server & pool level passes(Of-course depends on the way you set it up as well). Chapter "Managing DNS Traffic Control" from NIOS administrator guide has a well defined documentation & accommodates pretty much everything one needs to know. Please have a look if you haven't already. I'd be glad to answer additional questions if any.


Best regards,


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