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FTP Backup Failure

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Hi All, 


I am giving support to a customer having 16x Infoblox appliances. 


Please help to resolve below error.


FTP server is failing with the error code “Scheduled backup to the FTP server failed - 550 Filename invalid”.




Hasan Imam


Re: FTP Backup Failure

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Hello Hasan,

Considering that you’ve scheduled a ‘Grid backup’, ensure the following :


  • The username/password is correct.


  • This user has adequate privileges(Read/Write) in the FTP server to the destination specified.


  • Do not specify the file name in the directory path, just specify the path. If the backup server is a Linux based system, use ‘pwd’ from that specific directory to get the full path.


If all of the above has been verified, contact Infoblox Technical Support to debug the issue. Let me know if you have questions.


Best regards.

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