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Grid Master automatically set as the primary DNS server for SOA.

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When the name server group was created, the Grid Master was put in as the Primary server.  The Grid Master only server as Grid Master and DHCP primary. Other grid members serve as Primary and secondary DNS servers. 

1. Will this cause any issues with DNS quieries?

2. Should the Grid Master be removed from the list and select the actual grid member that is the primary DNS server as the primary server? 

3. Should I also select the grid member that is the secondary DNS server as a primary as well in the name server group?

Re: Grid Master automatically set as the primary DNS server for SOA.

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As is usual with this type of question.... it depends what you are trying to do....?


You don't HAVE to run the primary DNS server on the grid master, so you can update the name server group and select a different member if you want. The primary DNS server is where all the dynamic DNS updates get sent so you need to make sure that it has good connectivity, firewall rules are open and I would also probably make sure it's an HA pair because if you only have 1 primary server then it becomes a single point of failure.


I don't normally let clients query my primary DNS server, but if you do and you move it to another member, you'll need to make sure all clients have been updated with the new DNS server IP address (e.g. DNS properties on Windows Server, /etc/resolv.conf on Linux).

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