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HA Broken after license upgrade

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I have a 815 HA cluster and have new 825 licenses for it.

I installed it for the standby node first (remove old license, installed new one)


Now the cluster is broken. Node is offline because "Not Licensed" 

But the license is there just fine. 


I'm thinking to options:

1: Something not ok with license.

2: HA cluster with 815 and 825 nodes won't work.


Either way, I cannot do anything at the moment. Not even restore the old license. I cannot add or remove licenses "while a node is offline" 


What now?

Re: HA Broken after license upgrade

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It seems the license is not installed on the node.


Infoblox > show license
Version : 8.4.7-395215
Hardware ID : xxxx


I also cannot seem to install it;


Infoblox > set license
Enter license string: xxxxx
Install license? (y or n): y

License is not installed.

Re: HA Broken after license upgrade

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The Infoblox.log might have some info about the reason why your new license isn't getting installed. I am not sure if this HA is serving any critical protocol services, if this is a production unit etc. But only if you could afford to have a downtime with this HA, you could consider resetting the node("reset all licenses" CLI) -> Install all new/appropriate licenses. 

If this is in production & the nodes are still servng services(with old licenses), please do not follow my suggestion & request for assistance from Infoblox Support Team to restore your HA with new licenses.


Best regards,

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