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Hardware change from IB-1410 to Trinzic 1405 HW

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Hello community,


I am a newbie here and I do immediately apologize if I asking something that has been answered so far....


Namely, I am tasked to support change two IB-1410 (current, EOL) to Trinzic 1405 HW (already purchased). Additionally, I have to change HW on our cashing devices (Trinzic 800) but I believe would not represent a big deal.


The main question is, and I would appreciate a quick tip or guideline on, where to find exact documentation to follow this process?


Current IB-1410 boxes are in operation and we have to change them with new boxes, on the 1:1 model, so only a hardware swap.

On what should I pay attention to, where/how to swap the config to have 0 downtimes, if that is possible?


As this task came on me based on the model "all of the sudden", reasonably I am a bit in rush to gather all useful info and to schedule a maintenance window.

Once again, I do apologize if I am spamming if the subject already hat somewhere absolved.


Thanks in advance for your support!


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