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How many Network Insight Probes

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Is there a formula or recommendation for figuring out the number of Probes required for a Grid?  I'm trying to figure how many are needed.  I know the first Probe becomes the Collector.  Beyond that, is a single Probe sufficient or are multiple needed?  What's the best practice?

Re: How many Network Insight Probes

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At a minimum if you add at least one probe, you'd go to 3 appliances; one as a collector, and two probes. 


You may want to just check in with your Infoblox account team to review the design however. There are a couple of configurations based on sizing and they can make sure you don't over design. 


I hope this helps!

Re: How many Network Insight Probes

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- We need to know if the deployment will be centralized or distributed. Basically a single box of network insight can ack as consolidator and probe. If distributed then you need dedicated consolidator and dedicated probe.
- Need to know estimated IP address and/or max switch/router that should handle

- need to check device support list to ensure customer network equipment is supported by network insight


based on that data then you or infoblox account team will be able to tell you which solution and which network insight type will fit with your needs




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