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How to create forward zone to second view

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We have two DNS views called internal and external. We same IP address for DNS service for both view and "match clients" condition used for match correct view for the clients. We have a couple of authorative zones in the internal dns view and we wand to avalable it for the external DNS view clients without creating it in the external view. Is there any way to make a forward zone to the DNS server itself, or does Infoblox have any feature to forward zones between DNS views?


Re: How to create forward zone to second view

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Maybe able to complete with using localhost  So on External view forward the zone to  For match clients want to DENY on the External view the IP address(es) of the appliance and allow for the Internal view.  i.e. on the return to will not be accepted by the External view as source is it's own IP address(es), but will be for the Internal view.

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