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Infoblox has delegate DNS Traffic to Offline GSLB

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Hello All,


I have an issue about delegate DNS Traffic.


I have a domain which is delegates to 3 GSLB.

One of them is offline but Infoblox always delegate DNS Traffic to the offline GSLB.


I think Infoblox has a feature to know about offline GSLB.

Because if it knows about that, Infoblox didnt has to delegate DNS traffic to Offline GSLB.


But I'm wrong..

So, why I must set 3 GSLB if infoblox didnt select others GSLB?



I need help for this..

Thank you all.. Smiley Happy 




Re: Infoblox has delegate DNS Traffic to Offline GSLB

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Please review the following KB article on the support portal:


We don't have all the information in your case, but for example if the domain does not get queried a lot or if the NS ttl is relatively low, the rtt might need to be retested. If this is is not the case and the requests only get delegated to an offline nameserver all the time, you might want to open a support ticket for this issue. Thank you.

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