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Limit the number of recursive clients

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Infoblox team has recommended us to "Update the number of concurrent queries to 10,000".

I was reviewing the current settings of my appliance and the option:

"Limit number of recursive clients to 1,000" - it's UNCHECK.

What does it mean?

My appliance is unlimited to any number of queries and I'm going to limit it when I check this option?

I'm wondering if my appliance doesn't have limit now or is it limited by default to 1,000 even when the checkbox it's uncheck?


I'm afraid that at the moment that I check this option and set the queries to 10,000, it will mean that I'm limiting my appliance in some way.


Please let me know your thoughts or if you could reference me to a documment - thank you

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Re: Limit the number of recursive clients

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The default if you leave that box unchecked is 1,000. If you check the box and set it to 10,000 you are increasing it by 10.

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