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Need Assistance in Creating Parent Folder

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Hi Team,


I am new to infoblox. We are migrating our services from Bluecat to Infoblox.

Could you please guide me on the below queries:

1. I want to create a parent folder for a particluar location(site) and put all subnets used for that site under this parent holder. I know this can created using network container. But how to set the extensible attributes for the parent?


2. In extensible attributes I dont see any option to edit inheritance(yes/no, its marked as no by default). How to change it?


Example:>Parent>subnets under parent


Thanks for your help!

Re: Need Assistance in Creating Parent Folder

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If you go to Administration -> Extensible Attributes, select one, and edit it.


Look at Additional Properties.


Re: Need Assistance in Creating Parent Folder

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Thanks for the reply.


But what I am looking here is not to create or edit new attributes.


I want to set the attributes for the parent container. How is this done? When I check the settings for parent controller only a list of selected attributes are listed under extensible attribute tab for that subnet.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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