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Network association to zone(s)

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I don't know when or with what version of NIOS (currently v8.3.5) it occurred, but now it's causing issues when assigning FQDN(s) to not owned or defined IP addresses/networks in Infoblox. This is not a problem for Networks that we own because we associate the network with the zone/domain. The error message below is typical when the issue is present.

"The IP address x.x.x.x cannot be used for the zone Verify the network association in the zone properties."

My question is how do I turn this feature off globally in Infoblox?


Re: Network association to zone(s)

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I have resolved the issue.  It was either all or nothing when it comes to network association to a zone.  If you associate a network to a zone, all additional network where you want to use the zone has to be associated with that zone.  Since we were looking at over 1k individual networks and under 50 zones, it was becoming a pain when creating a new record.  Therefore we removed all network to zone associations, which ended up luckily being only about 240 networks that we had to remove the zone associations.



Re: Network association to zone(s)

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I'm having this same issue. I'm not sure I quite understand. How do you remove the association? 


Does removing network to zone associations break anything? 


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