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NIOS upgrade from 8.2.4 to 8.5.4

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1.Can i upgrade directly from 8.2.4 to 8.5.4. 

2. I have a Grid master and member, they are not in HA, can i distribute the software to both devices when i finish uploading.

3. My devices are VM, whch file should i download

4.I have a daily scheduled backup, will i be able to restore my device incase i run into issue?

5. Will there be an disruption to services while upgrading?

Re: NIOS upgrade from 8.2.4 to 8.5.4

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Please look at the 8.5.4 release notes on page 24.  It is recommended that you upgrade to 8.2.9 first though and then to 8.5.4.  Please go to the NIOS archives in the support page to get 8.2.9.  Yes, you can distribute to both devices after uploading.  You download the BIN files to upgrade.  Yes, there will be a disruption in service.  As with any network device, it is best to schedule an outage before perfoming the upgrade steps.

Re: NIOS upgrade from 8.2.4 to 8.5.4

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Thank you for the response, just to mention that i was able to upgrade directly from 8.2.4 to 8.5.4 with no issues.

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