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Scheduled Backup doesn't work

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Hello all,

I am giving support to 4x Infoblox appliances and scheduled backup (FTP, TFTP, SCP) doesn't run for a few days. When I manually start the backup (FTP, TFTP, SCP) it runs as successfully.

The scheduler seems to be blocked.


Is there anybody who can help me?

Best regards

Re: Scheduled Backup doesn't work

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I have exactly same issue with Infoblox 8.5.2

Re: Scheduled Backup doesn't work

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In the syslog tab do a filter on messages that contain the string backup.

This may give you some indications as to what is happening.   I'd also recommend enabling the Keep local backup in Schedule Grid Backup.   You should see the local backup working in syslog




As you indicate, if the ftp/scp failures are not a configuration issue, please raise a case with Infoblox Support

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