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Upgrading Microsoft DHCP Servers from 2008 to 2016

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Hello guys, I didn't found any information about the best practice to do this. I appreciate any help.


Nowadays we have 2 Microsoft DHCP Servers running sync with the Infoblox.

Both are in use for all DHCP Pools using split scope.

We've create 2 new servers with different names and IPs and added to Infoblox and both are syncronized.


We want to migrate the pool information/configuration to the new servers replacing one by one, we wouldn't like to use faillover configuration right now, just migrate to the new servers.

And we have to change the IP address of the new servers to be the IP of the OLD servers to avoid reconfigure all network devices.


The question is, is there a best practice to do this? What I need to change?


Thanks for any help.

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