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VM's virtual disk space

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I have an open question to support since some time now, thought I'd ask here as well 


Infoblox Tech sheet for IB-V8xx says 250GB hdd, but no matter what choices I make while setting up a vm using the .ova file I get close to the 250GB.

-At most 'show disk' command shows User storage is 102GB 


My challenge is first servers installations, and I set it to thick provisioning, was 8.8GB

I'm almost out of space and have to reinstall, but before doing that I just want to know what to expect User Storage size should be of a successfull VM install?  



Re: VM's virtual disk space

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When deploying, you should have a total hard disk size of 250 GB; the OVA should default to this. The show disk command is only showing you available storage space. I see the same from show disk on my NIOS device on VMware, around 102 GB. The remainder of the disk space is used by the OS, and reserved capacity for various other components.

Re: VM's virtual disk space

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Perfect, thanks! 

Now that I know that's what I should expect I can continue with my installations

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