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Will changing nameservers affect mail services while the changes propagate?

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I'm currently working on an application hosted on AWS, but the domain I intend to use was purchased through GoDaddy. I understand that I can migrate the domain over to AWS completely, but I think I have settled on just using AWS nameservers for now, and handling the routing through Route 53.

The problem is, there are people using emails dependent on the MX record routing that is currently being managed by GoDaddy, and they can't afford to have their mail services go down for more than an hour. I have already ported all of the records over to my Route 53 hosted zone, and set all my TTLs to 10 minutes in GoDaddy's DNS management, but I understand that when it comes to propagation, some things may be out of my control, like DNS caching that ignores TTL or long propagation times for authoritative nameserver changes.

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