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Alert on IPAM Network Utilization

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I want to have an alert that I can run every few minutes which sends an email when any network in any view goes over x% util?


I'm trying to see with the

IPAMv4 Top Utilized Networks Clone report, but it has everything separated out.

In the GUI under IPAM my net is 60% utilized. But the report does not reflect that.






Re: Alert on IPAM Network Utilization

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bumping this question. Is there any way to get a notification/alert in case any given network utilization is above a certain threshold? 

Re: Alert on IPAM Network Utilization

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Yes, the notification can be by either Email or by SNMP Trap.


Alerts are configured in the grid properties, under the Notifications section.

Check out the admin guide section on SNMP MIB Hierarchy for more details on what sorts of alerts can be set up: 

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