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So once again a large data breach has happened. Millions of peoples’ personal d...
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I wanted to update this with our status after another year. We have moved sever...
It looks like Geoff edited my post, put template into the message and removed the file. I've uploaded it back.
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index=ib_syslog dhcp_updater_default | rex "client (?<Client>[^#]+).+zone '(?<Zone>[^\/]+)\/IN'.+unsuccessful: (?<FQDN>[^:]+):.*\((?<Error>.+)\)" | stats count as Errors by Client Zone FQDN Error | sort -Errors Vadim
We would also be very interested in a way to get notified if the MS DNS sync is failing. Has there been anything that has been thought of for this?
If you aren't running a DNS server, you can't be the victum of a DNS-based DDoS...
I walked though this a few days ago..its very nice. Thanks!
The watchdog service is not configurable. it runs in the core OS.
Take note also if you give permissions to a top level network (container), from memory all lower level subnets inherit the permissions of the top level so you may want to check that.
Is there a generally available bullk move tool for Bloxtools? Bulk move Host, A, etc...

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