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"Authorization failed" error when trying access Reporting tab

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Hi All,


I am getting an error, "Authorization failed. This user is not authorized to access the Reporting service.
User does not have adequate permission to access the App" when I try access the reporting tab.


- This is not a new setup, this was in production and it was working.

- I am getting this error when I am logging in as a super user

- Tried creating new user and provided the access(Read Write) access and tried.

- Disabled and re-enabled the Indexing and checked.

- Restarted the reporting service and checked.


I think this an issue with the Reporting App permission and not the general permission. Is there any way to fix it. Maybe like reset the reporting app?





Re: "Authorization failed" error when trying access Reporting tab

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Hello Gokuldas,


As a super-user group is facing the trouble, I suspect someone might have accidentally removed the privilege from Reporting -> Administration -> Permissions OR from Home dashboard permissions. Try restoring the 'Infoblox Reporting & Analytics App' backup if you have a good one taken before. So when you take a NIOS backup, you got 3 options : NIOS data/Infoblox Reporting & Analytics App/Discovered data. While restoring the grid, you have the same set of options as well. Just select 'Infoblox Reporting & Analytics App' data to be restored & you should be good from there.


I strongly recommend working with Infoblox Technical Support to test/verify this before you do this in a production server. I hope that would help you get back up soon! 


All the best.

Re: "Authorization failed" error when trying access Reporting tab

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Resotring solved the problem for me.


Very pleased to have received you assistance.



Depthcharge Smiley Happy

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