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Mohammed, I was referring to Thomas's post of ' On the grid side, navigate to g...
Thanks Nedward for your input. I will go through the KB article and see if that helps. Thanks, Sachin
Thanks for quick reply, It seems like I need to add 2 disks. That is what I will do next. I only had one disk (1 TB) . Thanks again, Hajar
Also be sure the grid reporting properties didn't change for that index.
Hi Sachin, Steps 1 and 2 is actually all you need to do; but, something seems t...
Thnaks Jsteele, It Worked with me using CN Insead of uid, when is use uid there was no data retrieved from LDAP but with CN it use to give complete user details like memberOf etc.
I agree with Bomi here, You do have to register the appliance per say for its functioning. Just download the license from the support portal and have it installed in your appliance Regards, Syam..
@sachinsapkal wrote: Thanks Syam, Customer require details about database vendo...

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