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Thank you Tony. I'll reply back with results once I get them.
This is explained in the Administrator Guide sections "About Port Redundancy" a...
It depends on where you want to add protection. The Infoblox Response Policy Zo...
Hi Tony, I am sorry, I didn't your see your reply.. I was looking to understand from the Bill of materials, what will each license part number do Regards Nikhil
Hi Alman, Thank you for the reply, I will open a case with the Infoblox support team. I am using 8.2 version of the NIOS Thanks Nikhil
Hi Alman, Yes this is unique hosts, I was under the impression, it was based on any new mac address the uniqueness was indentified. If it is based on the OS, yes it makes sense Thanks Nikhil
To add to this- the MGMT interface is not enabled by default. While it can be u...
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Thanks again for the help, I was able to create a Dashboard as well for this Regards Nikhil
I guess I had a Trump moment here. I ment, the leases will be untouched. I edited my first answer. Sorry again.

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