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Report on any/all assigned IP Addresses in CIDR supernet range (container level export)

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So, the ask is for all assigned IPs in a Network Container, regardless of how they're used, returned from a single query. For example, we may have 16 Class Cs in a /20 assigned to a particular location, which is then broken up into a combination of nested containers and leaf networks. There's a combination of types of objects, such as DHCP, hosts, A records (created outside hosts), reserved, and fixed addresses.


An example table is shown below, but the actual /20 contains over 100 networks and containers.


The closest I've come is the following search, but it would require a lot of clean up to be useable.[0-9]|7[0-5])&_max_results=2000&_return_type=json-pretty


I mean, that's better than trying to create multiple requests or exporting each page from the GUI at a time, but what I really want is something like this (that actually works):


This actually only ends up returning what's in the first leaf network,

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