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Dynamic EA: Automatically set Country, Site based on Building_ID

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Dynamic EA: Automatically set parent Extensible Attributes (Country, Site…) based on children (Building)


As this uses the Outbound API, an Ecosystem license is required.


On IPv4 network creation, or modification, if the "Building_ID" EA's exist on said network ; then the script look for other network with same Building value AND Country, Cluster, City, Area & Building Extensible Attributes having a value and copy it to the said network.


Script attached, and usage / explanation of the needed EA's below.



Contributions most definitely welcome!






EA’s needed:


Country – list type

Cluster – list type

City – list type

Area – list type

Building – list type

Building_ID – list type



So, you need to have existing networks with all the EAs defined.


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Re: Dynamic EA: Automatically set Country, Site based on Building_ID

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I'm going to send this to our automation guys, as I've long thought this would be an awesome feature for those times the admin didn't fill out all of the EAs or was perhaps mistaken where a particular city was located.

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