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Detect a device reboot and run a trigger script

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I have a Cisco bug I need to work around until the issue is permanently resolved. The issue is that we loose the ability to pull QoS data over SNMP after a device reboots when a certain code version and hardware module combination are on the device until we remove and re-add the QoS policy from the interface. I am wanting to detect if a device that matches the model and hardware has recently rebooted and automatically remove and re-add the qos policy until we get a permanently solution. We have a NOC SOP but I prefer to automate if possible. Anyway to detect a recent reboot and run a CCS script?

Re: Detect a device reboot and run a trigger script

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Have you looked at having the Device Recently Restarted issue trigger a scripted job.  The script could have a script-filter that limits it to running on the affected devices.  You could probably create a basic device group for those based on the attributes you mentioned.

Re: Detect a device reboot and run a trigger script

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I like Marty's idea, but you can also check for the well known variable called $device_devicereboottime as well in the script.  Should be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS format.  If Python, drop the preceeding '$'.


The Python script then could run the CCS job.

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