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Limitation in Cloud Deployment of Infoblox

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I have some questions about the limitations in terms of a full Infoblox deployment in Cloud.


  1. Is HA an available option?
  2. Is DNS Anycast supported?


If you have any link related to the limitations of deploying Infoblox on Cloud, please share that too.

Re: Limitation in Cloud Deployment of Infoblox

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For limitations of Infoblox deployments in cloud, you will need to refer to the documentation for specific clouds. You can find documentation on all supported cloud deployments here: Each document contains lists of the limitations when deployed on that platform.


For your specific questions, it depends on if you are looking at private or public clouds. For private clouds like VMware, these are supported. On public clouds they are not.


While Infoblox HA pairs are not supported on public clouds, you can achieve HA for specific services like DNS by deploying across multiple availability zones and/or regions in public cloud.


For Anycast in public cloud, it is not directly supported by Infoblox, but there are some partners that make it possible. Alkira, shown on this page is one partner that supports this:

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