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Network Automation and Compliance (NetMRI)


Net MRI cannot change parent Id of group child

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i have been, without success, trying to change the parent ID of one of my groups so that it will be under the switching folder. i have tried deletion and re adding under the correct folder, and that works but then the group will not populate with my switch info. If i then install the group at the top level i can see my switches in the group. i am perplexed. please advise.

Re: Net MRI cannot change parent Id of group child

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Hi hbunger -

If your group is not populating after you have added it under as a child to the switching group, then I'd suspect that the switching group is filtering out the devices. Are your devices currently in the switching group? Can you share the rule logic of each? Maybe you need to tick the box for 'including low-level devices'?

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