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Network Change & Configuration Management


How to clear an issue with CCS

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I am woundering how to clear out an issue for a device. I know how to generate an issue and how to supress an issue but I cannot seem to find any documentaiton or script samples on how you to clear an issue out for a device that has been remidated or the issue is no longer relevant. I have a number of custom issues that I have created for reporting purposes and the issues have been corrected or are no longer relevant but they still show up under the issue when I do any reporting and I cannot delete any custom issues if there are any devices associated with it.

Re: How to clear an issue with CCS

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We currently do not have an option to clear an issue from GUI. As per the current design, issues once raised are cleared off after 24 hours provided the same issue is not triggered again within that time frame.


I believe you are aware that there are 2 types of suppresssions: Full and Partial. In your case if you want to clear out an issue for a device where it is no longer relavent you could either partially suppress it for the Device Group to which the device(s) belong(partial suppression) or you could fully suppress the concerned issue if it is no longer relavant for any devices.



Re: How to clear an issue with CCS

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Bumping up the thread...


Having a problem, that issues are not cleaned up even when resolved. On the "Network Analisys" screen issues are accumulating, but never decreasing when cleared. When I go to the issue, the bottom part (SWF graph) shows count decreasing, but on the main screen the total count for issue never decreased. 


The same issue with a "device count" column. I delete devices I don't need, however total count still shows them day after day.


Is it any way to clean these counters from CLI? I did "usual suspects" (maintenance, etc.), however nothing helps.

Re: How to clear an issue with CCS

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I would open a case, if you have waited 24 hours.

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