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CAA - shared record groups

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At my company we currently host over 800 external facing DNS zones, and I want to add blank CAA records to about 775 of them. It seems obvious we should use shared record groups for CAA records just like we do for TXT records, A records and a number of other "default" values - its so so convenient!


Problem is with CAA records (and a few others) is you need to specify the domain name in the record, and there doesnt seem to be a way to generically do that with shared record groups as they stand today (thats likely why CAA doesnt show up in the shared record dropdown) - I was hoping for some kind of variable or @ that would work so that I dont have to create every single one by hand. Thoughts? Or am I totally missing something here?

Re: CAA - shared record groups

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CAA shared records are currently not supported in NIOS. My recommendation is to create a ticket with support to create a feature enhancement request (RFE) for this.Once the RFE is created, your Infoblox Account Team representative can interface with Product Management to prioritize the request.




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