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CSV import not setting allow GSS-TSIG or also-notify

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Hi all,


I've got a couple issues with CSV import, I'm trying to import some zones, I'm finding there's a couple settings I can't import, such as "Allow GSS-TSIG signed updates" and also "Add allowed IP addresses to also-notify" - has anyone successfully imported these two settings via CSV?

Customer is running NIOS 8.4.6.






Paul Roberts
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Re: CSV import not setting allow GSS-TSIG or also-notify

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Did you find a solution?


Setting allow_update to <empty> will override the settings for zone Updates.

But check-box "Allow GSS-TSIG signed updates" is by default not marked and I have not found a solution to set it with CSV import.


There are some limitations with CSV import and these two could explain why we can't import this settings..


  • The following data cannot be imported: Microsoft management, DNSSEC, and GSS-TSIG data.
  • Only editable data can be imported. Discovered data cannot be imported or manipulated.


What makes it contradictory why it does not exist, it's possible to set check-box settings under the Advanced tab through CSV import with value TRUE or FALSE..


Re: CSV import not setting allow GSS-TSIG or also-notify

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Looking in CSV import reference there is allow_gss_tsig_zone_updates for DNS member but not for Authorative Zone.

Did put this question to the SE's.

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