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Database capacity usage is over the threshold value.

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Hello experts,


I have a question to the topic mentioned above. I checked earlier threads concerning this topic but didn't find an helpful answer.

Our IB-VNIOS//IB-VM-820 says that database capacity usage is over the threshhold value. (80 %)
The running version is 8.2.4-366880. Earlier threads told there is a bug in the 7.x version. 

I haven't found any possibilities to see what exactly is the problem or what files are causing this usage. Maybe there is a kind of cleanup function? 


I hope you can help me! :-)


Kind regards


Re: Database capacity usage is over the threshold value.

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Hi Maxim,


You can run a capacity report and see exactly what objects are taking up all the space.


In the GUI navigate to

Gird / Grid Manager / Members /
Select the IB-VM-820 and then click Capacity Report from the Toolbar


You mayalso create the capacity report for any of the other members in the grid using the same method.


Via cli you can type the command "show capacity"



Hope this helps.

Re: Database capacity usage is over the threshold value.

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Encountered the same issue, if you look up the capacity report and clear the Recycle Bin; that should save you some space. The rest is mostly the DHCP related objects and can be optimized as well.

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