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DDNS Client Update "denied"

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I'm trying to get DDNS properly configured in my environment. I'm using DHCP and DNS on NIOS. However, when a test client does ipconfig /registerdns I get this:


client @0x7f37900cc860 update 'lab.local/IN' denied


For the life of me I can't figure out what setting is denying the update. I have DNS properties configured for GSS-TSIG keys. But I don't think it's even getting that far.



Re: DDNS Client Update "denied"

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Have you configured the zone to allow DDNS update, or GSS-TSIG updates? The default is to not allow any updates.

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Re: DDNS Client Update "denied"

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You mention that you already configured the gss-tsig key, i assume you already have the active directory environment.


1. Have you correctly create the keytab from the domain controller?

2. Have you check on logs and filters about gss-tsig event? can you share?

3. Have you properly configured the gss-tsig properties?


and you can follow this guide too:




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