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Hi team, 

I need to know if it is possible to restore backup from different versions of Infoblox, in detail for a customer I need to import the configuration from version 7.3.16 to 8.5.3.

Is it possible to do it ?

If it will not possible to recover the configuration I need to import single information

of the services ?


Many thanks for your time.


Re: Infoblox

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Hello Paolo,


I've done this before but my backups were from the same major release. For example : I could restore backup from 8.4.2 to a system running on 8.4.6 etc. But in this case 7.3 v/s 8.5 might have considerable changes in the onedb schema. Have you considered restoring the backup in a 7.3 system itself & just upgrade that system to 8.5.3 ? Depending on upgrade paths available for 8.5.3(Which you could find within its release notes), you might need to consider step upgrades. But if you may want to do this often(For migration trials etc), I agree that this procedure could be a pain.


Best regards,


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