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LBDN Status Changing from Running to Warning for no reason after modifications....

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Hello Community. I have a ticket in for this issue, but while I wait, I figured I would reach out to the community. I have noticed when I am adding, or perhaps changing the properties of one LBDN, I go ahead and perform a DNS Service restart in order to commit the changes, and when I return to to Data Management - DNS - Traffic Control, I see not only servers, pools, and LBDN's that are associated with with my change go into a Warning Status, but also LDBN's and objects that have nothing to do with what I last changed showing in a Warning status? Why does that happen? Like I get why the ones I just changed would do that, but why others? Is this just a cosmetic thing, or are those LBDN\pools\servers that show with a Warning actually no available? This can be crippling operationally if every time I want to make changes to any LDBN, I have to wait unti a maintenance window for fear that objects I did not even touch might go offline as a result.... my environment is two virtual IB-1405's in a grid, on version 8.2.4

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