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Migrating Microsoft DNS AD to Infoblox

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Hi Team,


Anyone have experience from migrating DNS AD to Infoblox? Im totally have no experience on it.


My customer already run Microsoft DNS AD and plan to migrate the DNS service to Infoblox, now im doing some lab to test how to migrate. Here are what i've done:


1. i've configured the infoblox to get update from Domain controller
2. i've configured the zone ( allow unsigned update from DC
3. i've configured automatically create underscore zone
4. I did test dcdiag and the result could not be resolved to an IP address
5. i also check the _msdcs subzone and there is no record inside
6. i try to do ipconfig /registerdns and there is no srv record added on the server.


Could somebody help to share some advice where should i start to troubleshoot, or any body have guidance to do it?


Best Regards

Re: Migrating Microsoft DNS AD to Infoblox

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In most cases, a migration from Microsoft AD DNS to Infoblox DNS is very complex.  Infoblox support probably can't support most migrations.  This is a perfect reason to use Infoblox Professional Services.  They have experience with migration from many platforms to Infoblox.  As this is a one-time action for most enterprises, there is no value in learning and doing it yourself.  I've worked for 2 enterprises now, and both were migrated by Infoblox Professional Services.

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